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40 Years of Motion Control in the U.S.A. (1978 - 2018)

Beginning in 1978, with the development of an 8-inch floppy disk drive motor for computers, Oriental Motor U.S.A. has been providing the optimal motion systems as part of our total service, to meet the widest market demands. Oriental Motor offers an extensive product line-up of about 50,000 different products that provide the optimal motion system. Throughout our history we have concentrated on technological advancement and product design improvement combined with exceptional service and support.

Oriental Motor (Japan) began with handmade motors in 1885 and our commitment to quality and short lead-times carries on in what we manufacture today; from fixed speed AC Motors, to our expanding Brushless Motors and Drivers for advanced speed control application to our AlphaStep Hybrid Control System family of products to our all new PKP series stepper motors with our all new drivers and Network solutions. See inside for our pricing, easy to understand specifications and much more.

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Celebrating 40 Years in the U.S.A.

Celebrating 40 Years!


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