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New Round Shaft Line-up Now Available for AlphaStep Hybrid Control System AZ Series Motors


Round Shaft, Round Shaft with Flat and Key shaft

Oriental Motor is pleased to expand the AlphaStep Hybrid Control System AZ Series line-up to include 2 new output shaft types. Along with being offered with standard gear heads already assembled, the AZ Series is now available in include a round shaft, a round shaft with flat and a key shaft for maximum application designs. Frame sizes include 42mm (1.65 in.), 60mm (2.36 in.) and 85mm (3.35 in.) motors.

Use the round shaft types where a clamp style mounting is required to maximize the mounting surface, the round shaft with flat where a set screw is used and a key shaft for attaching keyway devices.

The AlphaStep Hybrid Control System, AZ Series family of products is a leading closed loop, battery free absolute motion solution offering the best of open loop performance with closed loop control, allowing for advanced performance across a wide range of applications. All AZ Series products are available in pulse input or built-in controller (Network) types in AC or DC input. A DC input multi-axis controller / driver with EtherCAT is also available to connect up to 4 axes with one unit.

To learn more about Oriental Motor’s AZ Series family of products, contact the Technical Support group at 800-468-3982 or email,, or visit the web page at:

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