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AZ Series Equipped Rack & Pinion System L Series

L Series Rack & Pinion System

Torrance, CA – June 17, 2019

New L Series Rack & Pinion System Debut with AlphaStep Integration

Oriental Motor is pleased to announce the introduction of the new L Series Rack & Pinion System that is equipped with the popular AlphaStep AZ Series motor with AC input driver.

The L Series replaces the legacy LAS Series and is part of the AlphaStep family of products. The L Series utilizes the absolute mechanical sensor of the AZ Series to reduce or eliminate the dependence of switches and sensors. The new heat treated high strength rack and pinion gears offer a ridged linear motion that is capable of moving a large portable mass vertically or horizontally.

The L Series incorporates a simple designs utilizing a small number of parts, therefore reducing the number of parts used and significantly reduce design and assembly time. It is designed to be a cost effective solution for a compact linear system for horizontal or vertical applications where high accuracy is not a concern.

The new L Series Rack & Pinion System is available with optional rack cover, photo-microsensor sets and optional two output signals.

They key benefits of the new L Series Rack & Pinion System includes

  • MEXE02 software support
  • High strength processing on rack and pinion
  • Compact, space saving
  • Shorter time between design to start-up

Visit our web site to learn more about the L Series:

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