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New KII Series Reversible & Electromagnetic Brake Type Motors

New KII Series Reversible & Electromagnetic Brake Type Motors

Oriental Motor is pleased to announce the addition of the reversible and electromagnetic brake type motors to our KII Series global standard AC motor line-up.

The KII Series Reversible motors are ideal for bi-directional operation. Reversible motors are ideal for instantaneous switching of the rotational direction or to reduce overrun. A friction brake is equipped at the back of the motor which makes reversible motors the best choice for applications where the rotational direction changes.

The Electromagnetic Brake motors are designed for applications where holding the load is required, for example in vertical applications. An AC power-off activated type electromagnetic brake is equipped to allow the motor to stop instantly.

Both the KIIS Series Reversible and Electromagnetic Brake motors compliments the KII Series product line with long life, high strength and low noise gearheads that maximizes motor performance with ease of use, wiring and mounting. The KII Series motors are available in Imperial or Metric output shafts with output power ranging from 6 W (1/125 HP) to 90 W (1/8 HP). Available with lead wires or optional IP66-compliant slim body terminal box (25 W and higher).

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