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High Torque 1.8° PKP Series Stepper Motors Now Available With Mini Connector

High Torque 1.8° PKP Series Stepper Motors Now Available With Mini Connector

Oriental Motor is pleased to announce the introduction of our new 1.8° PKP Series high torque stepper motors with new lead wire mini connector type. In addition to a new mini connector, the new PKP Series motors offer new design advancements.

New advancement in design includes a redesigned rotor, resulting in the smallest air gap (30 µm), up to 20% increase in torque at low and high speeds, higher permissible radial loads due to increased bearing size and shaft, improved stamping and machining of all parts. The new PKP Series stepper motors now uses neodymium magnet in its rotor design, which allows for lower vibration compared to the original PKP Series motors. The winding has been improved using optimized high density winding and utilizing thicker wires for high current rated motor. For the optimal results, test the new PKP stepper motor with the CVD bipolar driver.

The new connector shortens the length of the connector’s overhang, thereby further reducing space. The new connector also widens the freedom for the cable outlet direction and orientation because the outlet direction now points upward.

The new PKP Series with mini connector is available in 1.65 in. (42 mm) and 2.22 in. (56.4 mm) frame sizes.

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