EtherCAT Network Products

EtherCAT is an Ethernet (IEEE802.3)-compliant, open, high-speed industrial network system. Motor control via EtherCAT communication can detect the status of the motor/actuator directly by data. This results in a shorter development period and increased reliability and service live of the equipment. With EtherCAT communication you can simplify siring, reduce man-hours and improve maintenance and performance.

EtherCAT® is registered trademark and patented technology, licensed by Beckhoff Automation


Network Configuration

Contributes to Analysis of Conditions

Increased productivity is sought in manufacturing plants. At the same time, it is imperative to continue utilizing the knowledge of human experience through the use of Artifi cial Intelligence (AI). In order to use AI, it is important to collect, digitize and analyze the day to day “changes in conditions". Oriental Motor has created a wide lineup of products capable of outputting the various changes in conditions of motors.

Condition Monitoring

Predictive Maintenance Using IoT (Internet of Things)

In order to detect early signs of failure, it is important to monitor changes in operating conditions daily. One way to do this is to visualize position displacement due to fluctuation in temperature and operation time. This video demonstrates how the AZ Series works with an IoT setup to continuously monitor feedback information. Using this information, overall health of components can determined and manufacturing and productivity can be improved.


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